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      New recrui : a person who graduate from college and above
      Recruit : a person who have more than 2 years experince in required field.
      Ordinary times
      Additional notification if there is a vacant position.
Method of application
      Fill out the application form with the wanted team and required basic information.
      Examining the report cards of the candidates will be done where necessary.
Procedure for recruit


      First step Submitting the report card(application form).
      Second step Examining the report cards of the candidates.
      Third step

Doing the first Interview

: a person who pass the second step will take the third step.

      Fourth step

Doing the Second interview

: a person who pass the third step will take the fourth step.

      Fifth step

Taking medical examination

: a person who pass the fourth step will take the fifth step.

      Final Notifying the success to candidates.